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ALO-TECH is a fast-growing company which provides its services to customers not only in Poland but also in other countries.

We manufacture instruments, parts, elements and tools, on the basis of both Customer-provided technical sheets and end products.
Our Company provides comprehensive metal-processing services using CNC machines.
The technological solutions we use are the best and most innovative on the market.
We cooperate with various industries.
Our offer package includes detailed information on the services and technical assistance provided by our Company.
Thank you for your confidence in our services.


Lead partner

Machining (CNC and conventional)

  • Precise forms and holes within an accuracy of up to 0.01 mm
  • The manufacturing of ordered special parts in accordance with documentation and requirements
  • Dies
  • Blanking dies
  • Tube-forming tools
  • Pipe-bending tools

Instrument manufacturing

  • Control and measuring devices
  • Instruments for productions (technological) lines
  • Machine parts

Automation for industry (PLC-control systems)

  • For machines
  • Control and measuring points
  • Robots
  • Machine-safety systems in accordance with the 4th safety class

At Customers’ request we provide tools with 3-D measurement reports

What makes us so special?

Precision and timeliness

High service quality

Highly-qualified staff

Speciality machinery



ul. T. Jasińskiego 7
21-040 Świdnik

ul. Inżynierska 3
20-484 Lublin

+48 603 517 959